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MAR 29

 Exterior Painting

  posted by peter on March 29, 2012 11:59 as Residential Painting

As spring approaches, many people turn their thoughts to painting their exterior. It is important to wait until temperatures are above 10 celcius at night for best results. It is also important that any wood is completely dry before painting. When gathering quotes for painting, always have the contractor specify in writing the level of preparation which will be performed, and the specific materials they will be using to finish the surfaces.  

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SEP 22

 Exterior Painting Kingston Ontario

  posted by admin on September 22, 2010 0:00 as Residential Painting

Exterior Painting Kingston Ontario

The end of the exterior painting season is upon us.  With the days becoming shorter the nights becoming cooler, means that the time has come for us Kingston Painters to put away our exterior equipment.... soon anyway.  Once the weather stays consistently below 10 degrees we can not paint your exterior.  If you have a small project that needs to be done before the weather turns we may be able to accommodate you, but act quick and call today 613-634-9852.

Don't forget we paint interiors as well, so if you are thinking about having some painting done, why not call for a free estimate.  Painting a room or 2 can be done while you and your children (if you have any) are at work or school.  If you ask nicely we may even work the weekend and do the work while you are there! :)

With a wide range ...

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 Exterior Painting 

 Exterior Painting Kingston Ontario 



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